Wilcox Roofing and Home Repair


TIME: How long will it take?

Have you seen roofing jobs in your neighborhood that seem to take forever to complete? It shouldn't take that long! Imagine living with the noise, mess and inconvenience for weeks when you know it should only take days to complete. There are many reasons for this: Incompetent installers, insufficient crew size, poor job-planning, contractor cash-flow problems, just to name a few.

With Wilcox Roofing, only inclement weather and weekends will cause a break in our action. GUARANTEED! Our crew will arrive in force and work on your home 8 hours per day, on consecutive days, until the job is complete.


We cannot compete with uninsured contractors, nor do we wish to. Comparing us to a contractor that would knowingly put his customer at probably the worst financial risk of his life is unfair to us. If an uninsured employee is injured or killed while falling from your roof, YOU THE HOMEOWNER will most certainly be named in the lawsuit which may far exceed the limits of your homeowner's policy. Without a GL policy in effect, leaks and interior water- damage will be yours to deal with and pay for.

Before you sign on the dotted line ask the contractor for a "Certificate of Insurance" for BOTH General Liability and Workman's Compensation. Accept only a certificate issued and mailed from a licensed insurance agent, because phony certificates can easily be provided by the contractor. After you receive it, call the agent and ask if the named contractor is specifically covered for roofing related claims. It is a separate classification which can more than triple the cost of a generic "General Contractor" policy. Wilcox Roofing is FULLY INSURED to do roofing work and we're more than happy to provide certificates upon request.


One thing the word "value" does not mean is "CHEAP" What it does mean is that with Wilcox Roofing, you will receive the greatest return for your roofing dollar.

In the roofing business, there are many labor-saving shortcuts which seriously compromise quality. These "shortcuts" are not apparent to the average homeowner, and the problems associated with them may not be evident for months or even years. By the time problems are discovered, extensive damage has probably occurred (see PENETRATIONS). The cost of repair is considerable.

Where is your bargain basement roofing contractor NOW? Is he returning your phone calls? If not, does he have a physical place of business where you can find him? When it really matters, does that guarantee he gave you on his workmanship mean anything at all?

Unfortunately, these were the questions you should have asked before you chose your roofing contractor. Now, that CHEAP PRICE is not looking quite so cheap anymore.


Let's face it, the world is full of great sales people. We've all had the experience of buying something that wasn't quite what we wanted or needed because someone with the "gift of gab" got the better of us in a moment of weakness. If you buy the wrong car, boat, or sofa you can always buy a new one when the lease runs out or the payments are finished. Choosing a roofing contractor is another matter. Make a mistake and you'll live with the sad leaky results for many years to come. Ideally, you are going to choose a company that does all they say they are going to do. They stand behind their work if there is a problem. They make the entire experience a pleasant one from start to finish. These are the things that every company will promise to do. Wilcox Roofing has been DOING all of these things for 43 years and for thousands of customers. Would you like to know why we spend virtually nothing on advertising? Simply because we don't have to. Our reputation in Monmouth County speaks loud and clear and the word of mouth advertising from neighbor to neighbor and friend to friend keeps us booked solid year round. Our promises, commitment to quality, professionalism, and earliest completed projects have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for many years to come.


If you or someone you know has ever had a roof installed (especially a "tear-off' job"), any or all of the following have probably occurred: broken bushes, trampled flowers, shingle debris left EVERYWHERE, thousands of nails left in the grass, driveway damaged by dumpsters, dumpsters left on property after job is completed, etc.

Enter... THE ROOF BUGGY. Invented by a Pennsylvania Mennonite from a roofing family, this amazing piece of equipment is a dumpster on wheels that elevates 15ft. in the air and catches virtually all of the tons of roof debris before it ever touches the ground. Our investment in this equipment is an investment in protecting your property. Go to www.eguipter.com to see the video of our Roof Buggy in action.